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 …putting YOU In Charge

Manawanui is the pioneer and leading facilitator of self-directed services in New Zealand. We have been helping people take charge of their government funding and support for over 12 years.

As a not-for-profit NGO, Manawanui works with government agencies, District Health Boards, disability providers, disabled people and their families to foster a support environment that is designed and governed by the person.

We are a contracted host provider for Individualised Funding, Enhanced Individualised Fund and Enabling Good Lives through the Ministry of Health’s Disability Support Services. As well as this we have contracts with 13 District Health Boards for people with Long-term Chronic Health Conditions and some contracts for Health of Older People services.

Manawanui will support you to develop management, budgeting and planning skills and help you lead the life you want. We will provide you with the tools and education to equip you and your family, to manage budgets, staff and ultimately take leading roles in the community.

We offer a range of support options to best meet your needs. To find out more about the services we offer, please click here: http://www.incharge.org.nz/interested-in-using-individualised-funding/our-services/

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia Manawanui…

[Be strong, be brave, be steadfast…]

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