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       …putting YOU In Charge

  • We have a vision where people have absolute authority and autonomy over their disability–related support.
  • Our mission is to create an Individualised Funding management system owned and governed by disabled people.
  • Our aim is to support people to deliver an efficient, effective, and culturally competent Individualised Funding service.

Individualised funding through Manawanui gives you the opportunity to:

  • Design a Personal Support Plan that reflects you, your choices and lifestyle.
  • Employ the support staff you want in your life – people who understand your culture, priorities, preferences and lifestyle choices.
  • Set your own timetable to come and go as you want, so you can build stronger relationships and enjoy a better social life.
  • Find support that best benefits your family.
  • Identify new sources of support.
  • Take charge of who enters your life and call the shots when it comes to your priorities.

Develop management, budgeting and planning skills

Manawanui provides the tools and education to equip people (or their parents and guardians), to manage budgets, staff and ultimately, to take leading roles in the community.

Safety is a priority

Manawanui makes every effort to protect the interests of our clients – including assisting with vetting the potential staff they wish to employ – without compromising their right to self determination.