Other information and links

Below are some useful links and websites you may be interested in.


Ministry of Health IF – Individualised Funding
Ministry of Health IF Service Specs – IF Service Specification


FFC – Funded Family Care is Ministry of Health funding for some eligible disabled people to employ their parents or family members over 18 who they live with to provide them with their personal care and/or household management supports. 


DOL – Department of Labour New Zealand website   offering information about Employment Relations, Health and Safety and various tools and resources

IRD – Inland Revenue Department

Kiwisaver – The new default contribution for will be increased from 2% to 3% and IF Managers and Agents will need to advise their employees who do contribute, of these changes and possibly adjust their Funding budget.

Minimum Wage – The current Adult minimum wage rate is $15.25.

EMA – Employers and Manufacturer’s Association


MoH – Ministry of Health

Office for Disability Issues – The Office for Disability Issues is the focal point within government on disability issues.

Te Pou – Te Pou is New Zealand’s National Centre of  Mental Health Research, Disability Workforce Development and Consumer Leadership Development. Te Pou offers grants for these areas.

ACC – Accident Compensation Corporation

MSD – Ministry of Social Development


DPSN – Diversityworks Peer Support Network is an  informal collective of people committed to shared support and learning in a social environment

Imagine Better – Imagine Better is an independent agency promoting leadership and outcome-based quality in services for people with disabilities, the mentally unwell and older people. They offer planning services to support people to move towards self-determination, connection, companionship and contribution. They also run Partners programme. Partners works alongside disabled people and their families who are seeking support in the development of a lifestyle and who wish to ensure their Individualised Funding is as useful as possible in achieving this lifestyle.  In choosing to access Partners support, you will be able to directly negotiate the type and level of support you would find beneficial.

NZFDIC – New Zealand Federation Disability Information Centres

NASC contact details – Needs Assessment and Service Coordination service

DIAS contact details – Disability Information and Advisory Service

WEKA – New Zealand’s weka website is for the use of disabled people, (their families, whanau, caregivers) and health professionals.

Web Health – A directory of Support Services

In Control – UK – In Control started work in 2003 to change   the social care system in England