Sarah Morrell

Like every other 20-year old, Sarah Morell enjoys her independence and wants to be the one that calls all the shots.  That’s why Individualised Funding is a set-up that works for her.

Sarah manages her own budget, employs support staff and looks after the paperwork.  It’s good practice for the young woman, who studies business at the Universal College of Learning (UCOL) in Whanganui and hopes to pursue it as a career.  “I’m looking at Individualised Funding as a bit of practice for when I become a manager and I have to look after employees.  It’s been really helpful with my degree.  I told my tutor all about Individualised Funding and she’s really excited for me.  She even lets me bring my paperwork to class and helps me out if I need it.”

“I’m really enjoying business, it’s worked out well for me.  UCOL is really easy to get to and I know lots of people that go there.  Uni keeps me busy and it’s nice being on the river. “

“I like the idea of being my own boss, instead of working for one.  My dream would be to start my own small business one day, like a stationery shop.”

For Sarah, stationery is more than just about profit margins.  She loves stationery, scrapbooking and anything to do with organisation.  “I love paper crafts.  I’ve got this organised system in my desk and everything’s got its place.  I also love making quirky things now and then when I get bored.  I went to America a couple of years ago and I’ve done a scrapbook of my time there.  It’s got pictures and tickets and whatever you can think of.”

Sarah began using Individualised Funding three years ago in order to help her manage her disability-related supports and become more independent from her parents.  “As I was getting older, I wanted more freedom.  I wanted to move out soon.  I thought Individualised Funding would be good practice for that.“

“Before IF it was pretty much my parents looking after me.  If I wanted to go away with my friends, one of them had to come with us.  You know with school they had to come with me to camp and school trips and stuff.   It’s been great not having to rely on my parents so much.  I can go away to Wellington and meet my friends and it’s just so much easier.  Mum and dad don’t have to worry about me and don’t have to take time off or anything like that.“

“My support staff are all close to my age, so we’ve got lots of things in common.  My mum is a registered nurse, so I’m used to top care.  Thankfully one of my support workers is a nurse too, so she knows how to look after me really well.  It’s been great!”