Tony Eban

For 19 year-old Tony, science is a passion.  Tony attends Canterbury University where he studies astronomy and physics.  “I really enjoy astronomy.  I have always been into those documentaries and stuff, getting into the nitty-gritty and the mathematics behind it, I think it’s really cool. ”
Tony has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheelchair to get around.  By using funding provided through Enabling Good Lives, he is able to have more freedom around the university campus and in the wider community.

“Tony’s taxi to and from the university is critical for him to be able to attend,” says Tony’s father, John.  “It is critical for him to get around by himself and enjoy campus life.  Being able to work with Enabling Good Lives, have a plan in place in advance with a budget, it just gives us the flexibility to do the things that Tony needs.”  Tony agrees, crediting EGL with allowing him to continue getting good grades.  “In high school everything was pretty much sorted out for me and all I had to worry about was my education.  I guess with EGL I can continue doing that.  I can focus on my studies and not worry about how I’m going to get here, how I’m going to get home and all those other details.”

“The university has also been really helpful in terms of access and any barriers that come with studying, going to lectures, labs and stuff.  If there is a problem I tell them about it and it’s usually fixed within that day.   There’s a lot of construction around the place and there’s usually a ramp built on that week which has been awesome.  I have a note-taker for lectures.  There haven’t been any big barriers in terms of my disability, “says Tony.