New research into Individualised Funding highlights how giving disabled people more control over their government funding is better for everyone.


Photos from the Research Launch at Te Papa

From left to right: Dr Adrian Field and Dr Annick Janson; Dr Annick Janson, Manawanui CEO Marsha Marshall and Dr Adrien King;  Dr Adrien King; Dr Annick Janson

The research reports can be found below…

Dr Adrian Field, Michael McGechie and Julian King, Dovetail NZ

13 August 2015

This quantitative research focused on a cost analysis of Individualised Funding. It concentrated on the school leaver to 65 age group and looked at differences in initial and ongoing costs for people choosing Individualised Funding with those using other service streams.

Individualised Funding Cost Analysis

Dr Annick Janson in collaboration with Michael Kendrick

13 August 2015

Transitioning to Individualised Funding has had a transformative impact on the lives of disabled people who are eligible for this type of funding.By giving these people a voice through telling their stories, a wealth of information has been shared that was previously unavailable.

Manawanui asked for this research project to be done to capture these stories to show the benefits of being on IF.

Stories that Build Leadership in the Disability Sector Summary Paper

Stories that Build Leadership in the Disability Sector Full Paper

Media release – New Research on Disability \Funding

Other International Research

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