Customer Feedback

Amy Hogan at home in her office

Amy Hogan
“The best thing about my life now is how much control I have. I have a great foundation for independence now. I feel like I can expand my life in ways I would’ve never thought I’d be able to, like travelling, attending conferences, etc.”

Sarah Morrell
“It’s been great not having to rely on my parents so much. I can go away to Wellington and meet my friends and it’s just so much easier. Mum and dad don’t have to worry about me and don’t have to take time off or anything like that.”

Alex Snedden
“It’s not about independent living or about any of those things. It’s about freedom. That’s the best thing about my life.”

Stephanie at her art therapy class
Stephanie at her art therapy class

Stephanie White
“Stephanie’s life is opening up.  Our funding allows us to have a regular life in the community, which we didn’t have before.”
-Susan White, Stephanie’s mother

Marlene Reidy
“Before EIF it was stressful. I didn’t feel like Marlene was getting proper support. Now all of that pressure is gone. It’s just amazing. We’re all so much happier. “
Marlene’s sister Mary

The Jansen Family
“For me it’s like we are one great big family now. With our support people it doesn’t feel like they’re strangers coming in, they’re extra family in my mind. Everyone is familiar with the boys and how the household works. For me that’s the big difference.”
-Dave Jansen, the father of the boys

Amber Vaughan
“With EGL we have a lot more choices; we have a huge amount of support from our coach and navigator. They can come to our home. They get to know Amber; they get to know our family. It just opens up so many opportunities for Amber. “
Pippa Vaughan, Amber’s mum 

Blake Lawson

Blake Lawson behind the wheel of his brand new car
Blake Lawson behind the wheel of his brand new car

“The year Blake was finishing high school, Enabling Good Lives began. We were invited into the programme and it was just amazing. They would suggest things to us, they did all the research for us and they even helped us fi work experience and things like that for Blake.
We were introduced to Manawanui who provided funding for different things we wouldn’t have been able to afford or that would’ve taken Blake ages to save up for.  That made our lives so simple. Blake is working pretty independently now with the help of the funding. “
-Andrea Lawson, Blake’s mum

Tony Eban
“In high school everything was pretty much sorted out for me and all I had to worry about was my education. I guess with EGL I can continue doing that. I can focus on my studies and not worry about how I’m going to get here, how I’m going to get home and all of those other details. “