How do I apply?


Not everyone qualifies for self-directed funding – there are certain eligibility criteria.

A list of people who are eligible for publicly funded health and disability services can be found here []

Different funders also have additional eligibility requirements. For all District Health Board and Ministry of Health Disability Services funding (except Enabling Good Lives Waikato), assessment of eligibility is done by the Needs Assessment & Service Coordination (NASC) agency in your region. To find your local NASC Click here.

Ministry of Health Disability Support Services, Individualised Funding (IF)

IF is available to a person:

  • Of any age with a lifelong disability – physical, sensory or intellectual – who has accessed disability services before the age of 65, and for whom the impairment is expected to last at least six months. Their independent function should be affected enough that they need ongoing support
  • Who has been allocated Home and Community Support Services
  • Who has had a needs assessment that says IF is a suitable option for them
  • Whose support needs are expected to be reasonably stable
  • Who has been assessed by a NASC as wanting to manage services through Individualised Funding payment
  • Who is willing to comply with the requirements of Individualised Funding.

How do I apply?

Your local NASC will complete a needs assessment and allocated a support package based on your needs. They can then refer you through to Manawanui and we will set you up.

If you are already receiving services arranged by your NASC, but want to change to Individualised Funding, contact your Service Facilitator.

For the Enabling Good Lives Demonstration Project in Waikato, needs assessment is done by the EGL team. Contact Loren on 07 957 15 61 or email her on

At Manawanui you will always find someone you can to talk to about your Individualised Funding requirements – contact us today.

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