What we do

Father enjoying beach with disabled son

       …putting YOU In Charge

Manawanui is New Zealand’s leading facilitator of Individualised Funding and other self-directed services. We have been helping people to take charge of their disability funding and supports for over ten years.

  • We have a vision where people have absolute authority and autonomy over their disability–related support.
  • Our mission is to create an Individualised Funding management system owned and governed by disabled people.
  • Our aim is to support people to deliver an efficient, effective, and culturally competent Individualised Funding service.


Individualised Funding 

The way Individualised Funding works is simple. Instead of using prescriptive forms of funding, disabled people and their families get to choose exactly WHO delivers their support services and WHEN and HOW they do it. That mean you get the help you need exactly when you need it.

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Enhanced Individualised Funding 

EIF takes the idea of personalised budgets one step further, by allocating funding so a disabled person can choose to spend it on a disability supports that help them achieve their goals, rather than have to spend it on a specific service.

EIF is currently only available in the Bay of Plenty.

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Enabling Good Lives Funding

Enabling Good Lives helps people with disabilities achieve their goals. This could be participating in education, gaining employment, communicating, moving about, building relationships or being more involved in the community. Unlike Individualised Funding, Enabling Good Lives also allows people to purchase goods, as well as services to help them pursue their goals.

Enabling Good Lives is currently only available in Christchurch and the Waikato region.

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District Health Board Funding 

District Health Board Individualised Funding is predominantly for those with long-term chronic health conditions.


We have a team of coaches around the country, who help people new to IF, EIF or EGL transition to this form of funding and guide them along their journey.

Our coaches also provide support and advice around budget management, recruitment and planning for the future.


Manawanui supports people to manage their funds either through a payroll or expense claim service.

Workshops and Network Meetings 

We provide workshops across the country on a range of topics relating to disability. We also host Network meetings, which offer an opportunity for you to meet others in your area who are also using our services, to share ideas and resources and to problem-solve issues.

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