Looking for the right person to support you?  e-Mploy may have the solution.
Get access to a pool of people who want exactly what you want – flexible hours, doing meaningful work, for a good rate of pay.

With e-Mploy you can:

  • Find employees living locally or nationally
  • Employ people experienced with IF or people who are new to the sector
  • Advertise your requirements and seek applications from potential candidates
  • Search for people with similar interests as you
  • Choose employees based on hobbies, interests, skills or qualifications
  • Take on permanent, part time, contract or temporary staff
  • Look for someone who can support you at home, in the community, or even while you are traveling.

Cost: Free for Manawanui Clients and employees to register and use.

Registrations of interest are now open for people looking for work as well as those looking for support staff…

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