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Manawanui Client Portal

Manawanui’s Web Portal is the no fuss way to manage your funding. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can set-up your budget, check your expenditure, manage your support staff and submit claims and timesheets.

If you are a new user, you can register for the portal here.

If you are an existing user, you can login to  the portal here.

Pay Equity settlement

Update your employee’s pay rate here.

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Payment Forms for all funding streams

Timesheet template – electronic version (for people using Manawanui Payroll services)

Timesheet template – print version (for people using Manawanui Payroll services)

Expense Claim form template (for self-managing clients)

Introduction to Individualised Funding

Your Rights and Complaints

MoH Verification requirements summary

Funding Guidelines

Funding Guidelines (IF) – Guide to what’s in and what’s out under IF

Funding Guidelines (Respite) – Guide to what’s in and what’s out under IF Respite

Funding Guidelines (EIF) – Guide to what’s in and what’s out under EIF

Funding Guidelines (EGL)  Guide to what’s in and what’s out under EGL

Manawanui Payment Policy

The following document called Payment Policy outlines how payments are made to people using Individualised Funding through Manawanui – for those who send through an Expense Claim each fortnight and for those who use Manawanui’s payroll services.

Please read and make yourself familiar with the content of this document. Should you have any queries about this Payment Policy please contact us with your question. Contact us

Manawanui Payment Policy

Client Statement Guidelines – April 2017

Overspent Clients and Outstanding Service Authorisations

Essential employment forms

Don’t forget to keep copies of your documentation

Employment Agreement Template

Employment Agreement (casual) Template

Employee Information Form

IR330 Tax Codes March 2017

KiwiSaver Employee details form May 2011

Kiwisaver Deduction Form May 2016

Kiwisaver Opt Out Form March 2017

Variation to Employment Agreement

Support Worker Privacy Declaration Please note that this is a Ministry of Health form. You do not need to send it to us, it is for your records only. For more information, please click here. 


Timesheet template – electronic version

Timesheet template – print version

Timesheet instructions

Employment support documents

Holiday Cash Up Form

Leave Request Form

Resignation Termination Form

Employee Change of Details Form

Change of Address Form

Police Check Form

Payroll Exit Form

Employer support documents

Payment Authorisation Form

Employers Liability Insurance

Employment Disputes Insurance

Employer Insurance Application Form (for all insurance)

ACC Fact Sheet

EMA – Fact sheet

Employee or Contractor – Fact sheet

Individualised Funding and the IRD

Datapay support documents 

Direct Credit Schedule

How to read a Datapay payslip

Payroll Register Demo

Payslip Demo