Daniel Knight

Daniel Knight is great friends with his support person Annette.  They go swimming together, go for drives and visit friends.  Annette also supports Daniel with a range of personal cares.  “My support person takes me swimming one day a week.  She cleans my house, makes my bed, cooks all of my meals, and we also go grocery shopping together,” he explains.
Daniel has diabetes as well as a number of other health conditions which mean that he needs regular support.  He uses Individualised Funding through Manawanui as a means of meeting his support needs, allowing Daniel to hire somebody who suits his schedule and requirements.

“Before IF, I had a support company that was doing all my cares and it just wasn’t working very well.  Since being on IF things have gone forward in leaps and bounds.  We’ve cut out the middle man.  For example if Annette and I want to go for a ride to the park or whatever, we don’t have to ask someone if we can do it.  We just get up and do it.”
“The freedom to do what I want, it’s just truly amazing.  As I said Annette can take me absolutely anywhere within reason.  IF has given me the freedom to get out and about more,” says Daniel.  “I’m thinking about going fishing in a couple of weeks, so I have employed someone to support me to go fishing.  Individualised Funding has allowed me to do that.”
Annette, says that she can see the difference that IF has made in Daniel’s life.  “The main impact is not seeing him so stressed out, because he knows who is coming and he can organise his own staff.  He doesn’t have other people telling him what he can and cannot do.  Whatever Daniel wants to do, we do,” says Annette.